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Posted by Melissa Lew -- Tuesday, June 22, 2004, 11:03 AM

Well, I'm starting to work on the programs and I'm still working on the invitations. Things have been a little crazy, and I've been extremely busy...So they aren't done yet..

I might have found a wedding photographer. I couldn't sleep last week on some night so I stayed up til late searching the internet for wedding photographers and their portfolios. Most of the time, I wasn't too impressed with the photos I saw...Or the prices.

Maybe I'm just picky...But color, composition, and equipment are really important to me :).

They MUST never use Kodak film (the color stuff anyway, the black and white is OK. but color Kodak=bad=icky green tint). They MUST NEVER EVER just center everything in a composition. They MUST have backup equipment...etc, etc.

And price...friggin $3000 for a package?!?!?! That's what most places charge! I actually found one more reasonably priced.

The place is Bella Pictures -

Their style is artistic photojournalism, and they have the ability to do formal and classical poses.

They have a package called Simplicity, going for about $900 something for 4 hours of photography+some prints+online proofing.

Also, you can immediately buy the negatives for $300 (I believe). I think 8 hours of photography goes for about $1300.

I absolutely love their nonintrusive style :). The reason it is cheaper is because everything is digital. And when I buy the negatives, they come on a CD in raw format. Which means I can print huge prints on my own without loss of quality. They say they shoot about 150 images in an hour - which is believable...especially with digital. With a huge memory card, they don't have to keep reloading film.

And I don't have to scan in the film...It takes forever to do that.

I'm excited, everything is kind of coming together. :)

Starting to figure it all out
Posted by Melissa Lew -- Friday, June 11, 2004, 11:00 AM

Scott's got the music list for the reception under control:).

Michael's got the Wedding music for the church - meaning the entrance piece and the exit piece. The Mendelsohn's Wedding March...

I think my dad figured out what he was singing...

We have the church for May 28, 2005. Pastor Rob will be doing the ceremony.

Most of you know I got my first dress ordered...the white one. The red one, well, the fabric I bought from NYC, so it's at my apt. We have to get that made, and I think my mom found someone to do that. So I have to get measurements done (ugh).

If the guest list is reasonable, we're going to do the reception at the church. Pastor Rob said the limit was 170 people I think.

I've started working on the invitations, I need to order all of the materials.

Flowers = stargazer lilies

What I need to figure out:

The Guest List and Addresses
Wedding Party List - what they're wearing
A bakery up here that does good wedding cakes (DC)
A Menu (DC)
A Photographer (DC)
Table Flavors (DC and NYC)
Order that 'rice" to throw that doesn't kill the birds (online or DC)
The Chinese Wedding Cakes (NYC)
Tea Ceremony stuff (DC or NYC)
Other Chinese Stuff (NYC)
Decorations for the Church (DC or NYC)

And that's all I can think of right now. I'm sure I'm missing something. Help? Anyone who knows this area well, if you know of any place that does anything from the above list, please contact me :) THANK YOU!



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