Scott & Melissa; May 28, 2005

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Wedding Planning would have been a lot more difficult without the Internet -- which, thankfully, is packed full with helpful wedding resources. - A big help with wedding planning - After searching the Internet, and going through tons of pages, this seems like the best group of photographers for the value. In the DC area, a lot of photographers are asking for at least $2000 and up for the basic package. Here, they have a package called Simplicity, which is as low as $975 for 4 hours of unlimited photography - including $150 worth of prints and online proofing. The big plus is that they let you buy the negatives immediately - they don't hold them hostage for months. - They have such beautiful cakes here, almost too pretty to eat! - I remember getting catalogs from them when I was a kid and they have a wonderful selection of favors, for a really good price - Another good wedding resource - A good community of other couples who are getting married and share advice. Also good ranting ground. - For those who are crafty and want to do their own projects, this is a good website to order materials - Another good crafty website.