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I concur
Posted by Scott Bradford -- Monday, August 23, 2004, 4:31 PM

I concur with the previous entry. :-)

Photographer and Cake Topper and Flowers
Posted by Melissa Lew -- Monday, August 23, 2004, 4:08 PM

Well, in the next week, we'll be signing the photography contract with Bella and putting down the first payment. That means, that's one thing completed :).

And I found a cake topper :) I was actually quite unhappy with the selection I've seen, until Saturday. Foo-foo, big bows, and bleech, not me. Funny thing is, guess who found it? My brother :). It's actually our wedding present from him - very gorgeous crystal Swarovski swans - the way the necks are, they form a heart, soooo cute! It comes from the Beauties of the Lake collection, and the Swarovski store is at Tysons, so it'll be easy to pick up (It was designed by Max Schreck, an Austrian designer who started the creatures crystal collection in the 70's). *happiness*

My parents have a Sams club card, and we can buy flowers by the bulk there - cheap. I think the asiatic lilies (like the stargazers) come for 60 stems for $90. Not bad at all, and there's a large selection of colors.

I am making my own bouquet - how hard can it be to take a bunch of them, cut them down, and tie them together with ribbon!? 15 minutes? I'm simple, it won't take long. I've got an idea for the bridesmaid's bouquets - chinese fans with 1 flower tied to the Chinese element is very visible. Now to figure out where to buy the fans...

I'll be experimenting with resin soon, as a way of preserving my flowers - I recently saw on Fire Mountain preserved orchids using a poly-resin. And they are gorgeous - they look like glass!!! So I guess we'll see how that goes. I'll probably dry some too:)

I am working on the wedding website right now - I got all the design work done - Scott's going to have to help move over the blog and set up the photography section - that's his kind of stuff :)

Also have finished most of the invitation work - just waiting on the Chinese version of it from my parents, and I can get them printed. Well, I need to work on the CD too. But hey, I don't have to get them out until a few months before the wedding, so I'm doing OK with those.

I have already figured out what I needed to order - guest books, cake cutter, etc. The only thing left to figure is the caterer....and to go taste testing at the local bakeries. I really am leaning towards Amphora though.

It's really coming together now...and boy is that a relief. Esp since school is starting soon.



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