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wedding makeup!??!
Posted by Melissa Lew -- Friday, April 22, 2005, 2:07 PM

I nearly had a heart attack today when I found out how much the makeup artist is going to charge to come to the church. An extra $200 on top of the $45 for each bridesmaid and the $55 for the bride.

I called Salon Nordine at Fair Lakes Promenade and for a simple hairstyle (even though their website says $35) it will cost $95 for the bride and $75 for each bridesmaid. Makeup will cost another $45.

WHYYYY is it so expensive?!!?!?

I found a spa at Fair Oaks Mall - Christie-Adam Salon and Spa. It will cost $71 for hair and for make up: full face for $60 or eyes and lips for $30. They said that the could put together a bridal package and give me a discount. We'll see :)

I might try to book the hair appointment for Regis ($35 for a simple hairstyle to $50 for a complicated one) and the makeup at Christie-Adam (the half for me - I can put the toner on myself). I absolutely can't stand stuff on my face, so if I get the full face, I'll probably try to rub it off for the rest of the day.

...That's my rant for the day ;)

Decorations, Flowers, Bridesmaids, etc
Posted by Melissa Lew -- Thursday, April 21, 2005, 2:22 PM

I know I haven't written in a while - things have been kinda crazy. I thought it would all calm down after my thesis was over.

I guess not.

We finally got out all of the invitations, except the office ones (which will be by e-mail). My bridesmaids came over and we printed about 100 of them and stuffed envelopes. I handwrote all the addresses - what was I thinking?!

The Chinese invitations just came in (says my mom), so I guess I can pick them up this weekend.

As Scott said in a previous entry, our rings came in:) He has my initials and date engraved in his, I have his initials and date engraved in mine.

Since my bridesmaids already know about this, I finished their gift on Tuesday (and ended up missing my 4:30pm art history class - ended up having to put my hand in a bowl of ice for most of the rest of the day). I had a little fight with a butane torch and it won. It's kinda funny when I think about it now. I was firing the pieces for the last time and had my torch set at 2000 degrees. I guess I didn't give it enough time to cool down because without thinking, I accidentally touched one of the pieces with the tip of my index finger (thankfully the left hand). Ouch. What's funny is that people say the truth hurts/burns. Well I was making lotuses...and they represent truth. I guess the truth really does burn! OW! I'm fine, it's healing, my hands are tough, I deal with this all the time. It kinda looks like it goofed up my fingerprint. I hope that heals! It looks funny!

We picked out the bridesmaid dresses, they're a really pretty burgundy. They looked really happy with them. I think I found a makeup artist who will come onsite, and Regis will do hair for about $30-$50. So I need to talk this over with the bridesmaids.

Flowers - I found a flower shop near Scott's apartment! Mums are $2 a stem, Stargazers are $5. Mom said I should add peonies - I guess we'll see. I need to call them.

Cake - mmm:)! It's going to be a yellow cake with strawberry glaze and bavarian cream. We're putting fresh flowers on it, along with the swarvarski crystal swans. We went ahead and picked up a cake serving set too at Kay's because they could engrave it with our name and date.

Catering - Figuring out the last details - they sent a draft of the contract and I didn't agree with a few things. So I need to call them back and talk about it. We're going to be doing lemonade and sparkling cider ourselves to keep the price down. At least a little bit:)

I ordered almost all of the decorations last weekend, minus the tablecloths and runners (I need to know the number of people so please send in your RSVP's soooon! I also need to know how many people I can place at a table).

I think all that's left is to pick up tablecloths, order the flowers, get the catering contract fixed and signed, finalize makeup and hair, pick up a few more presents for the wedding party, and I'm probably forgetting something. Oh and we got our marriage certificate:)! I'm also on Scott's lease now (I'm on two leases now - I'm moving out of my apt by the end of May, and I need to transfer the bills over).

I go for a dress fitting in a week and a half :). I've lost 35 lbs since September!

Oy, so much to think about!

Tuxedos, yo!
Posted by Scott Bradford -- Sunday, April 17, 2005, 7:38 PM

(crossposted from my blog)

One of my last straggling big wedding to-dos is done. This afternoon, I reserved my tux and the groomsmen tuxes at Men's Wearhouse. Hooray.

The tuxes for me and the groomsmen are largely the same, except that mine has a winged collar on the shirt and a 'European' style tie (looks like a regular tie, not a bow tie) while the groomsmen have a banded collar with a button cover at the neck (no tie).

Pictures (ripped from the Men's Wearhouse website and adjusted as necessary) are on the Wedding Website's Photos Page.

Wedding Website [finally] Launched (update: now looks right in all major browsers)
Posted by Scott Bradford -- Wednesday, April 13, 2005, 10:37 PM

Melissa's and my wedding website has finally launched. You can find it at

The website includes information about the wedding (including directions to the church, for those who plan on coming), the wedding blog, links, photos and more. There will be more added to it as things happen.


UPDATE 4/15/2005: After much gnashing of teeth (and cursing at Microsoft), the wedding website now looks exactly right in every major browser, including the standards-noncompliant mess of poorly-programed psychosis otherwise known as Microsoft Internet Explorer. Enjoy!

Rings, Upheaval, etc.
Posted by Scott Bradford -- Friday, April 8, 2005, 7:03 PM

(crossposted from my blog)

Wedding planning has been moving along reasonably well (which is good, given that there's only 50 days of bachelorhood left). The rings came in to Kay the other day, and we're getting the engraving (and Melissa's resizing; mine was special-ordered in the right size) done now. There's a bit of upheaval with both the rehearsal dinner and Reception II: The Bedford Reception (long stories, explain later), and there's one more run of invitations to do, but it's all moving forward.

My big, outstanding solo projects are tuxes and music. The big, outstanding joint projects are the wedding license and getting Melissa on the lease at my [becoming our] apartment (and thus getting her a parking pass).



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